Friday, September 01, 2006


(i know recent blog posts have been about the guimaras oil spill, so pardon my sudden interlude into some personal thought)

+ + +

It has been quite a jumbled week, with so many issues to tackle, so many adjustments to make, so many celebrations to think about. In a span of a week i have seen help rise from what i thought to be a careless world, felt utter humiliation and happiness all at once. (ok, am i making sense? Let me reiterate).

A friend is leaving for greener pastures while another friend has already left.I wish them both much happiness and success in their future endeavors. It has been a wonderful friendship, one i hope will continue inspite the factors which may dampen its fire.

A friend seeks greener pastures while another is given a new term (and a new love!). I wish them the best and more success in their efforts and more creative zeal. :-)

A fate is defined while another has become doubtful. Lord give me clarity.

+ + +

I wish i can be more verbose about how i feel to you.

+ + +


kay said...

"I wish i can be more verbose about how i feel to you."

i wish my boyfriend would be more verbose about the way he felt about me. :/ hahaha.

hlF said...

wow, busy days are here again eh? kaya mo yan gurl... ikaw pa!

curiouskitty said...

kaya mo yan bunny! :-) i'm here for you always! :-)

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